Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Take a break

Busy is a common term that we use or hear frequently as life's demands take over our time. There are the must-dos that we can't avoid. There are also the destructions that we don't really need on our table but are on the table. And we should respond to the demands of life as deemed necessary. As the demands increase, our time will be tight and that's when we usually utter the phrase "I am busy".

As a full-time employee, a husband, and a father of three boys, my schedule has changed dramatically with in the last 7 years as my family grew up progressively. Can't say "Yes" to everything. I have my have-to-dos. My wife also has a honey to-do-list for me:). The kiddos wait for me at the door as I come from work and they have their to-do-list that they need Daddy to be a part of. I only have time for the high priorities; family, church/ministry, my personal devotion with God and my job in no particular order. There is this sense of fulfillment as I try to accomplish all of these every day. However, I have found out a very important element that could make a huge difference in everyday life.

Take a break! Take a nap! Take a silent time off of life! Rest! Be still! Be calm!

It's only when we take a break that our internal strength is released. It is that time of silence that nourishes our being. I believe it is also God's favorite moment when his kids rest their bodies and look up with their spiritual eyes. Busyness rips us off of life's very important treasures if improperly managed.

As we all lead busy lives, it is imperative that we come in contact with our inner desires and fulfill them. I tend to pay attention for that call from my inner being in all the busyness. Nothing like responding to that call because I come in contact with a Spiritual being that feeds/refreshes my life and positions me to be on the winner side.

Complaint, murmur, unsettlement, and dissatisfaction are all signs that somebody needs a break. Aside from the to-do lists, a positive attitude is a detrimental matter and a direct reflection of one's inner condition. We can keep a positive attitude if we draw energy from the unseen but yet discernible and indwelling Spirit.

All what I am saying is rest your body and rest in God. There is a direct correlation between these two. The more your body is rested properly, the more effective you become in presenting your being to the Holy God. A tired body is usually cranky and even the prayer is short and most probably filled with me...me...me requests.

In conclusion, I believe life is lived from the inside out. What we do on the outside is a reflection of an internal intuition or sense. The more we take time to discern the inner spiritual reality, the more fulfilling our lives would be! How can you know that God is on your side when life throws darts at you? Take a break, calm down and see with your spiritual eyes. You will find him enthroned on His everlasting throne, holding you with His everlasting arms and delighting over you with singing!

God bless you today!